The 120 Club is THE survival manual for this century.

Bob Bogdan - Professor of Sociology & Education - Syracuse University

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The 120 Club
Living the Good Life for 120 Years. Health and Vitality in an Age of Transformation.
By Phil Rose

A Holistic Approach to Antiaging and Life Extension

We are all faced with how to find balance, harmony, and vitality in our lives. This is not an easy task. The road to full health and a long long life has been muddy and difficult to find. My new book addresses your concerns for having emotional, physical and spiritual balance in your life.

Many people want to extend their lives but feel that many of their values, such as spirituality, family, and hard work have been discarded. They are eager, however, to discover new information and ways of extending their lives that both confirm what they hold dear and offer alternatives to old rigid habits.

Many want to live healthier and more vibrant lives for themselves but are more and more hopeless about the future. They want to learn from their elders but are cautious of some of the misinformation and advice they have received. They are seriously looking, perhaps for the first time, at health and well-being.

As never before people are concerned about issues of life and death. Many of our elders have struggled with poor health and deteriorating vitality. We want a better and longer life for ourselves. We have been looking for guidance on how to live differently and powerfully.

Many self-help books and books about wellness, health, and longevity have been leading up to this moment of decision. The decision is to live to be at least 120 years of age! Nowhere is the message more clear about the value of reaching that goal: nowhere has a more comprehensive program been offered to make it a reality, than in my book "The 120 Club - Living the Good Life for 120 Years." "The 120 Club" will help you bring that decision to fruition.

In "The 120 Club" you will explore my 10 Wisdoms on how to live a balanced and long long life.

  • Emotional Healing
  • Creativity & Play
  • Spirituality
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Work. Career, & Money
  • Think Globally and Locally - Act Locally or Globally
  • Friends and Significan Others
  • Mother Earth
  • Western Medical Doctors and Alternative Healers