I want to live to 120. It is possible. Others have done it. So can I.

The 120 Club

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The 120 Club
Living the Good Life for 120 Years. Health and Vitality in an Age of Transformation.
By Phil Rose

Welcome to The 120 Club, dedicated to helping you in your search for a very long and healthy life.

What is The 120 Club? It is an exceptional group of people who have decided to live a very healthy, vibrant and active life. We have decided not to grow old with cancer, heart attacks, strokes, chronic depression, addictions or isolation. We have decided to live to 120 years and beyond.

Is living to 120 possible? Read what other experts have to say:

  • "I contend, as do other scientists who have studied the dynamics of human life that...several lines of evidence clearly place the human life span at a remarkable 120 years." Walter Bortz - We Live Too Short and Die Too Long
  • "The maximum life span for humans appears to be 120 years which probably hasn't changed in the past 100,000 years." Barry Spears - The Anti-Aging Zone
  • "The longest that humans have lived is probably somewhere between 120 and 130 years." Jeanne Wei & Sue Levkoff - Aging Well - A Complete Guide to Physical and Emotional Health

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