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Non Alcoholic Liquor Where To Buy

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Driving the news: After cutting out alcohol herself over two years ago, Honeycomb salon owner Erin Flavin recently opened Marigold, a retail shop in Kingfield exclusively selling nonalcoholic (NA) liquors, wines and spirits for anyone interested in reducing or eliminating their alcohol intake.

Why it matters: Though the sober-curious movement and NA cocktails are growing in popularity, the beverages are often sold in places that also sell alcohol, like liquor stores or bars.

Austin has become the nexus of nonalcoholic innovation in the state. Aside from being home to Tenneyson, the city houses a sober bar called Sans Bar, as well as dozens of percolating beverage companies like Crisp & Crude canned cocktails, Surely de-alcoholized wine and canned spritzers, and Kin Euphorics, run by Jen Batchelor and supermodel Bella Hadid.

Whether you're sober-curious, doing a dry month, or don't drink and want to replace other sugary nighttime drinks, these are the 16 best-tasting non-alcoholic spirits, bottled cocktails, and wine alternatives.

These bottles look like beer but they're actually filled with sparkling, non-alcoholic amaro club sodas. As a fan of Topo Chico and bitters, the subtle bite and effervescence in these bottles were right up my alley. Casamara Club makes four interesting and unique flavors, from Onda's earthy citrus (my personal favorite) to Capo's honey-and-mint notes; I recommend opting for a variety pack to test them all.

I found the flavor to be very well-balanced and enjoyable but there is a catch: Each 12 oz bottle has a whopping 16 grams of sugar. That's mostly from blue agave and cranberry concentrate but considering you'd likely drink this at an event where you'll be nibbling on other treats, it's worth noting for anyone trying to minimize their sugar intake.

All four flavors felt very intentional, and someone clearly put a lot of time into crafting each one. They're all exciting enough that I'd go so far as to just pour one of these over ice in a cocktail glass to enjoy. You can also add two ounces of liquor for a quick and easy cocktail.

Newly launched in the U.S., CleanCo is a British-based non-alcoholic spirit company that makes gin, tequila, rum, and vodka alternatives. Its Clean T, a no-ABV tequila replacement, is a very decent mimic of the Mexican spirit.

Monday Gin is one of the best non-alcoholic gins I found among the handful I tested. For starters, it smells the most like gin when you open the bottle (which is also why I wouldn't recommend it for recovering alcoholics as this might be triggering).

Lyre Dry London Gin ($35.99): This non-alcoholic take on the classic Dry London gin is pretty agreeable, with light juniper, citrus, and earthy notes. I didn't have any particular strikes against this spirit but the flavor doesn't pack a hard punch, especially compared to other gin mimics on the market. I personally don't find it to be worth the money compared to other options in this round-up.

Lyre American Malt ($35.99): Lyre's non-alcoholic bourbon has bourbon's signature vanilla and toasted nut notes but, as with all the alcohol-free whiskeys we tasted, without that zing of a real whiskey, the drinks were lackluster and tasted a bit watery. I liked it more than Ritual's whiskey but in my opinion, this is still not worth shelling out $36 for.

There are a lot of N/A drinks nowadays. That includes non-alcoholic spirits that mimic favorites like gin, whiskey, vodka, and rum; pre-bottled zero-alcohol craft cocktails; aperitifs and digestifs that can be drunk over ice or used as a mixer in a mocktail (or cocktail); and beverages with adaptogens or botanicals that enhance your headspace in an alternative, natural way via plants and herbs.

It's worth noting that any non-alcoholic spirit may be triggering for recovering alcoholics, and drinks made with adaptogens or nootropics may not be safe if you're pregnant or breastfeeding (and it's smart to consult with a doctor before consuming).

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