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The PlayBook: An Inside Look At How To Think Li...

In fall 2020, Wilkes Community College created a taskforce to research, analyze, and design wraparound services for students. They started by assessing why students drop or stop out of college. They looked at 17 peer institutions, learning how they identified basic needs, which were most common, how they staffed and funded student support, what strategic partnerships were needed, and how to best communicate with students. Here is their playbook:

The PlayBook: An Inside Look at How to Think Li...

But ultimately it is the future, not the past, that will determine how well the owners of this business will do. Therefore we think it advisable to take a look at this free report showing whether analysts are predicting a brighter future.

FELDIS Well I mean from \u2013 from our perspective, um, we\u2019ve done a lot to \u2013 to respect your wishes about keeping the publicity low on this case and \u2013 and I think if you recall you\u2019ve even told us that \u2013 that, yeah, you understand that we\u2019ve done that and over time, um, as things have slowed down we haven\u2019t learned about other crimes. And the FBI and, you know, authorities around the country have had to take certain steps right? I think the search warrant is an example that, you know, they said hey look, you know, give us a reason to tell our \u2013 to tell their bosses why they didn\u2019t need to do a search warrant of KIMBERLY\u2019s house. That they didn\u2019t need to move forward but they didn\u2019t have any reason. You know, so I think you can see that we can have a lot of control when we have some information from you and cooperation from you and if we don\u2019t then we all lose control.

FELDIS Well hey like you said, you know, you\u2019re gonna be suspicious of us, we\u2019re gonna be suspicious of you but frankly when we\u2019ve sat down in this room everyone here is trying to play straight with you. And I think if you look \u2013 if you understand the reality of the situation and you\u2019re a pretty reality based guy, I mean you understand how the world works is, you know, once you stop telling us significant information about other crimes then the \u2013 these guys couldn\u2019t control what the rest of the FBI is gonna do. And the playbook says, you know, if you\u2019ve got a serial killer you\u2019re gonna have to go through that house right? With a fine tooth comb. Even though they can say, hey ISRAEL\u2019s told us there\u2019s nothing there. Well, you know, they\u2019re gonna do it and the only way to hold that off is to say, well look he\u2019s cooperating and he\u2019s giving us information. But when you stop then there\u2019s gonna be consequences. We\u2019re really \u2013 we\u2019re trying to be as reality based about this thing. We\u2019ve always give you what we thought was actually gonna happen in the real world. And it\u2019s the same thing from Vermont, you know? If we had \u2013 had more information in Vermont I bet you Vermont would\u2019ve been a whole lot more quiet and cooperative. As it is they\u2019ve been really cooperative right? They haven\u2019t filed any charges but, you know, how long can we hold off on them \u2013 without another piece of information? So....

RUSSO Even \u2013 even the stuff that we\u2019ve done, I mean, you guys did a \u2013 I think a \u2013 a pretty good job even on the search warrants there were no statements to the press that we\u2019re looking for evidence of other crimes. And, you know, no one stood in front of a camera and did that. I mean, yeah, cameras, you know, may have shown up but no one said a word. You know, and in hopes of still moving forward on this.

RUSSO What about, um, I mean just the idea of \u2013 and I\u2019m just thinking alo \u2013 along the lines of what, you know, we tell Vermont lets just sort of stand down. Even just a clue that doesn\u2019t give up anything from your perspective but at least gives everybody something to work with behind the scenes. Nothing that we, you know, have to kind of go and publicize to the world but a clue about, you know, one of the past murders that is really not gonna reveal anything. So you\u2019re not playing any cards but at least we\u2019re then going back to these guys bosses and to Vermont and saying, look he\u2019s given us a clue in exchange for this sort of discretion and for everybody to kinda stand down so to speak.

KEYES Well that \u2013 I figured you would have guessed that lake (chuckles). It was pretty obvious. But, um, that I \u2013 I was \u2013 I always had me curious as to what it look like \u2013 I would think as deep as that lake is it\u2019s probably sitting there just exactly as it was when it first touched down. 041b061a72


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