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1. The Game Is Afoot

Adventure Mode is the story mode of Don't Starve. In Adventure Mode, the player enters a battle of wits and endurance against the game's mastermind, Maxwell. The world is split into successive chapters with their own themes, introduced by Maxwell. The objective of each chapter is to survive, gather all four pieces of the Wooden Thing, assemble it, and activate the device in order to progress to the next chapter.

1. The Game Is Afoot

At the start of each level and every time the player loads up an Adventure game, the title of the level is displayed and the number of chapter. The length of Adventure Mode is 5 chapters plus an Epilogue. The order of appearance for most worlds is chosen at random. However, in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th world, the map will show some of the path indicating where the objectives are. A world only appears once in an Adventure play-through, but there are more worlds than chapters, which means that some worlds may not appear. There are 72 possible combinations of these 5 levels.

Next to the throne is the Nightmare Lock where the Divining Rod can be placed. If the Divining Rod is put in the lock, the game will ask the player if they want to take pity on Maxwell but that his captors would not be happy about it. When Maxwell is freed from the throne, he gets up and instantly dies, then turns to dust and fades away. The character is grabbed by Shadow Hands and is placed on the throne, effectively taking Maxwell's place and becoming the new pawn (and turning the phonograph on again, if the player had turned it off before). After that, the player will get the final message from Klei, and then be brought back to the sandbox game as Maxwell. The player at this point has beaten Adventure Mode and unlocked Maxwell as a playable character.

Note: If the player beats Adventure World as Maxwell, the latest character they used to complete the game will be sitting in the chair, still doing the terrified animation. Unlocking the lock will kill them, and put Maxwell back in the chair. The player will wake up in the world as that character.

Easter Egg: Far behind (in the left side) the Nightmare throne is a graveyard, with an Eyebone and a Miner Hat next to a skeleton. On the graves are the names of the developers of the game, one example being Kevin Forbes. Caution is advised if the graves are dug up, as ghosts have a 100% chance to spawn from them.

Rather than pay per game, feeding coins into a slot, you pre-pay $4 per 15 minute block of game time. Save by buying a One Hour Block for $15. Want to play longer? No problem! Simply add time as you go!

If you plan on playing at the Arcade more than 3 hours throughout the day, we offer an All-Day Pass for $40, which will let you come and go throughout the day! You and your friends can go out, grab a meal, see a movie, and come back to play some more games.

Nor do we think that in giving the act this effect it contravenes the constitution of this state as being in excess of the police power of the state. The wild game within a state belongs to the people in their collective, sovereign capacity. It is not the subject of private ownership, except in so far as the people may elect to make it so; and they may, if they see fit, absolutely prohibit the taking of it, or any traffic or commerce in it, if deemed necessary for its protection or preservation, or the public good. 041b061a72


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