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About 90 levels can be played in Feeding Frenzy. As players grow larger during the game, they can eat faster, move faster and can repel incoming hazards, allowing them to achieve the highest score possible. New, extra-large fish can be purchased in the form of nectar from seven islands. The food eaten in the game will cause players to gain weight and grow larger, thus increasing the power of their jump and speed. Food eaten by the player is also added to their maximum weight, so players can eat an infinite amount of food.

In Feeding Frenzy, players control a hungry marine predator intent on munching as many other fish as possible. During the course of the game's 40 levels, you will switch off between 5 marine animals. The last level is where you attempt to dethrone a large shark, the Shark King, using Orville the Orca. The player takes on the role of different aquatic species each trying to move up the food chain. As smaller fish are eaten, the player's own fish grows in size and becomes capable of eating somewhat larger fish. By the end of each level, the fish is sufficiently large enough that it can eat almost anything on-screen. Players must be vigilant for hazards which include depth charges, larger predators, naval mines, radiation-poisoned fish, and jellyfish.

Players of Feeding Frenzy have up to now been limited to playing four levels at a time. In Feeding Frenzy, players can go back to any level they have left without finishing. However, they will be able to go back only one time to where they left off before they will have to start the level over. 3d9ccd7d82


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