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Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer

It also contains what one critic called the worst lyrics of all time, "I'm serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer".[6] The original album version of the song did not contain the line, which is found on the more widely known 7-inch version edit of the song that was later added to the album. The immediate reaction of Turbo B when presented with the line was reportedly 'No way am I singing that shit!'[7] Although Snap! were criticized for the line and Turbo B later stated he hated it, the line had been used in hip hop music since the late 1980s.[6]

Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer

The accompanying music video for "Rhythm Is a Dancer" was directed by British director Howard Greenhalgh and premiered in July 1992.[26] It was filmed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, and shows singer Thea Austin, and Durron Butler (Turbo B) playing a bass guitar in the rocket garden, which is filled with smoke. Austin and her group perform the song on elevated platforms, while a group of dancers balanced their dance moves on a closed ground platform below them. Interspersed throughout these scenes are animated shots of flashing aviation maps, as well as animated figures balancing their dance moves. This was the last video to feature both Butler (Turbo B) and Austin before they left the group. The music video was later published on Snap!'s official YouTube channel in May 2011. It has amassed around 20 million views as of early 2022.[27]

The conversation about the \u201Ccancer/dancer\u201D rhyme seems to have intensified over the last 20 years. To be honest, I don\u2019t really remember a lot of people caring about it before the internet.

It\u2019s clearly intended as a kind of sequel to \u2018Billie Jean\u2019, and the build-up sounds like MJ is going to deliver. It\u2019s got a future-facing R\u2019n\u2019B rhythm and an excellent bridge. But then the chorus lands and it\u2019s\u2026 Well, it\u2019s okay. It\u2019s fine. But it\u2019s not in the same galaxy as Billie Jean. 041b061a72


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