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In the year 2000 I began a process of deep physical and spiritual cleansing. Under the guidance of a spiritual teacher from the Tuscarora Nation, I underwent a powerful spiritual renewal and awakening. I began daily prayer and meditation along with annual month-long fasts and intestinal cleanses. While I was in very good shape to begin with, I was still plagued with certain illnesses, addictions and chronic allergies. My spiritual life had become routine and empty.

I had decided that I would not wait for the spiritual or health crisis to shock me into change. I decided I would take charge of my life and my health as never before. In this process I began imagining living a life to 120 years old. I decided to put my mind on this as reality and live my life accordingly. In the process I discovered many things - all of which are written in my book.


While I have degrees from Boston College and Syracuse University, I am not a medical doctor or scientist. Instead I used my educational training to extensively study the work of aging specialists, doctors, and those studying longevity. I found that, while much of what they said about diet and exercise is helpful, they offered only a partial vision and partial solutions on how to live a long and healthy life. After my years of study and personal experiences,
I realized that I had something significant to add to this body of knowledge.


As part of my journey into health, I studied the impact of the colon and the entire digestive tract. I even became a certified colon hygienist. As a private counselor and life coach I help people find emotional healing and wellness.
I began to understand the deep connection between the healing of the body and the healing of the heart. This, I concluded, was one of the greatest "missing links" in aging research and education. While many would mention the connection between emotional “stress” and physical health, none offered what I consider deep and effective solutions. I continue to use counseling myself almost on a daily basis for healing.

Building on the cornerstones of diet, exercise, spirituality, and emotional healing, I began to examine a full range of essential human needs and arrived at the "10 Wisdoms": a truly holistic approach on how to live to a 120.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Making the decision to live to 120 qualifies you to be part of The 120 Club. I invite you to learn more by reading my book. Please write to me at The120ClubRose@gmail.com if you are interested in joining my club or participating in my seminars and workshops.


Live long and live well.

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