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Ten Wisdoms

By: Phillip Rose

There's more to eating than putting food in our mouths. Food supports life. These days, however, the quality and quantity of the food we eat directly impacts our longevity. How to select, clean and prepare food is important. In addition to dietary supplements, we must incorporate intestinal cleansing, fasting and eating more alkaline foods into our diets. We need real strategies for change.

We know that exercise is important to keep the body vigorous and flexible and the blood pumping. The art of exercise is finding out what kind of exercise is best for you. Maybe you are already exercising but, given your life style, it may not be the right kind of program. Examine a variety of programs and ask questions to help guide you to the right ones.

Emotional Healing and Stress Reduction:
One cornerstone to all growth and health is nurturing our emotional lives. Too often we just want to "will something into existence." Our will power can only do so much. When we run up against the neglect and hurts of the past, growth can grind to a stop or weaken. We must keep our minds clear of old habits, compulsions, addictions, and blockages. Emotional healing is the path to this clarity.

No matter your beliefs, no matter your religious heritage, your connection to a power that is greater than yourself envelops you and will feed your desire and your path to living to 120 years. The ancient men and women who were our ancestors were deeply spiritual people. Why is that? Were they deceiving themselves or did they tap into some ancient wisdom about the power of the universe that supports life and healing?

Friendships & Significant Others:
We cannot make this journey alone. We need others and others need us. We must build life long relationships that are deep and helpful. This is not easy in a society that pulls us here and pulls us there. Still we must remember we are in for the long haul and we can begin now to have the close friendships we have always desired.

Mother Earth:
The earth is old and holds the very sources of life. In the earth we experience the compost of re-birth, the new and old life of plants and the cleansing power of the water and air. To be close to the essential processes of the earth, her seasons, cycles and power puts us at the center of what is real, inspiring and old.

We all need money to survive in this day and age. How much to we really need and how do we get it? are the real questions. How can we negotiate a life style with enough resources to support our long journey to 120 years? There are ways to live simply and live well in the world of work and money. There are ways to do the work we love. Remember the old adage, "Our job is not our work and our work is not our life."

Politics and Social Transformation:
To be involved in the world of change and transformation is very exciting and very challenging. The forces of the world often look overwhelming and out of control and yet we have a role to play. If we want a world that is peaceful, supports life, has clean air and water, then we cannot remain passive and watch from the sidelines. We need to fight for our right for a long life.

Alternative & Western Healers: Along
the path of our lives things in our body break down or become stressed. We need to have experts in the healing arts to guide us past these difficult times and procedures. A balance between using the world of western medicine and alternative healers will be needed.

To live "outside the box" of what society thinks constitutes a long life (making it to 80 or 90 or, at the most 100) we have to train our body/mind/spirit to continually be creative and imaginative. Watch children play or play with children for a while and you will tap into your creativity. All of us are creative. We just need to find a path into this creativity however it may manifest itself.

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