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"The 120 Club is THE survival manual for this century."
Bob Bogdan - Professor of Sociology & Education - Syracuse University

"This book is transformative. It is not just another interesting book. It is a book that, if taken to heart, will transform people's lives forever."
Benjamin Lichtenstein - Economist & Musician

"There are books aplenty that urge us to fix the world and as many that guide us in healing the body and soul. In these pages, Phil Rose wisely shows that to be fully engaged spiritually, politically, and personally. Read on, live well, live long."
Jack Manno - Executive Director of the Great Lakes Research Consortium & Author of Privileged Goods

"In an age when we're all searching for deeper meaning to our lives and more time to explore our talents and capabilities, The 120 Club hands us the map to find the answers and time we seek. It boggles the mind to dream about what could be accomplished with another 70 years! Phil Rose has used his gift of enlightenment to help us along this path."
Karen & Paul Zakrzcwski - Organic Farmers

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