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How To Buy Tickets For The Colosseum In Rome

How To Buy Tickets For The Colosseum In Rome ->>->>->>

How To Buy Tickets For The Colosseum In Rome

Tickets to the Colosseum also include admission to the nearby Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. These tickets include a specific time slot for your visit to the Colosseum due to its visitor capacity. Be sure to arrive at the Colosseum before your allocated time, as they do check the time of your ticket on entry.

For tickets purchased online, there are two options for obtaining your tickets when you get to the checkout stage of the process. The best and safest option is to print your tickets with their barcode shown at home, because you can then head straight to the security line.

With all this information, you should now be fully prepared for visiting the Colosseum. Hopefully, you now understand why which Colosseum tickets you get could have a major impact on your experience and enjoyment of this impressive place.

It used to be that you could go to the Colosseum ticket booths and buy tickets for a same-day visit. I also used to recommend to go the Palatine Hill or Roman Forum to avoid the ling lines at the Colosseum.

If you arrive at any of these sites/parks without a ticket, you will be told to go online to book one, using your smartphone or tablet. You should be able to get tickets for the same day, especially if you are just booking standard entry, but you may not be able to go until a later time slot, so it's really best to book in advance if you can.

If your payment was successful, and you've checked your junk folder and your tickets are not there, then take your payment confirmation email with you to the Colosseum ticket office and explain what happened, and they should help you.

You can no longer pay extra to include the S.U.P.E.R sites with the standard Colosseum tickets, and you still only get 1 entrance to the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill area, so you will need to plan enough time to see everything you want in one go.

Everyone will have to pick up their tickets, so even if you have the Roma Pass, a membership card or would be entitled to free entry anyway, you will need to queue and go to the ticket office.

However, figuring out how to to buy tickets for the Colosseum can be overwhelming: searching the web, it is not immediately clear what sites are reliable for ticketing and the ticket options are so varied and confusing, decision paralysis is almost inevitable.

2) Colosseum tickets get released 30 days ahead of your desired day and they offer several types of ticket covering different Colosseum areas. This schedule applies to tour operators too but see below how they can accept bookings done with more notice.

Click here >>> To get tickets for the Colosseum full experience (access to all available areas including arena and underground with a guide) directly from the Colosseum website

Since they are the source of all tickets, they are the most affordable way to secure entrance tickets and also the cheapest: there is no middle man, no third party, no affiliates, the sale is direct between them and you.

For ticketing reasons, Coopculture has divided the Colosseum n different areas, for which you need different tickets. This means that it takes a bit of patience to figure out which one is best for you.

I use GetYourGuide often and find them reliable and easy to use. Like with all ticket providers for the Colosseum, they are not able to offer refundable tickets yet they are valid alternate, should they have availability when others do not.

I have used tickets often and while they are a little more expensive than buying direct, since they are an intermediary, they are reliable and a good solution should they have availability left when direct tickets are sold out.

All Colosseum tours by LivTours: small group, high end, excellent guided tour by an an excellent provider who also takes care of securing entry tickets. Many options with arena and underground* or arena and general areas*, and options for families with kids

You cannot buy tickets on the spot and on location: the pe


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