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The Best Sources and Mods for Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion

no matter what faction you choose, the game opens with the summoning of muralius to invade your kingdom. as in the original, you can have up to 9 factions in the game and you may summon them at the start of your campaign if you so desire. you can also add new factions as you go along. you can have one faction controlling more provinces than the other factions.

knights and merchants the peasants rebellion download

the action in knights and merchants: the peasants rebellion takes place in the peaceful small kingdom of crozet. you and your force of troops have been drawn into an uprising in your own country. your kingdom is already in chaos, and it is up to you to restore order in the kingdom. you need to secure the borders of your kingdom, and deal with those who are infesting your land to stop them from stealing your citizens' lives and forcing them to revolt against the legitimate government.

there are 18 playable troops in the game, as well as many more that are available in certain buildings. you can build up to 10 provinces. when you click on a province you can see its income and cash. you need to build food for your soldiers to keep them from turning against you. your best troops can consume up to 200 food per minute. you can build up to 10 troop types and each troop type has a cost associated with it. your troops may be bought from shops or hired from your opponents.

in knights and merchants: the peasants rebellion you need to work well together to victory. there are three different factions that you have to choose from. when playing with the pc version there is a wide range of units and buildings to choose from.


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