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Beat Juggle Djay Life EXCLUSIVE

It's not long before DJ Hero 2 drops and when it does, it's going to bring with it a staggering amount of remixes and mash-ups that players will scratch and beat-juggle to. A while ago, DJ Shadow let it slip that he would return in some form or another, and now Activision has confirmed that he will at the very least be providing two mixes to the game's soundtrack.

Beat Juggle Djay Life

Thousands of DJs are using Phase all over the world on a daily basis.By switching to Phase: You'll enjoy the best stability with turntables no matter the stage.Phase sensors are completely insensitive to any type of rumble or vibrations. You'll be able to use any turntable setup. Phase is compatible with any DVS-friendly DJ software: Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, djay etc. You'll partake in a unique experience that revolutionized DJing.Mixing, scratching, or beat juggling, Phase tracks any movements, much faster than a standard timecode setup.You could save money from needles with a gear that lasts.Phase is an evolving product thanks to firmware updates, it will never go obsolete.

Instant doubles and beat jump can be used to beat juggle. Beat juggles can be created by setting the beat jump to half beat, then press and hold sync to double the live track on the cued CDJ instantaneously. Finally, press the beat jump backwards button and move the fader across. Repeating this process on the other CDJ creates a beat juggle.

DJ Hero is getting the Dance Party Pack, which adds three new mixes to the game. Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" gets whirled in the virtual blender with Duran Duran's "Girls on Film," and Pussycat Dolls' "Buttons" and Rihanna's "S.O.S." get the beat-juggle treatment.

DJ Honda is back to stay and in full force with a slew of projects including "H Mental Vol. 1" which is an exclusive collection of DJ Honda beats, All Killa/No Filla (U.S. Version), "dj honda V", "REASON", a biographical documentary film about dj honda's life & career in English and Japanese versions. His true talent lies in marrying the emcee with his undeniable instrumental beats. DJ Honda is a DJ, music producer, record label owner, clothing line designer & owner, musician, Chapter President of a national Japan DJ battle, and entrepreneur. This is only the beginning for DJ Honda as he ventures confidently into unknown territories in business ultimately seeking world domination.


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