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Angel (1999) Subtitles

Takachi, a young porno star from a small town in Japan is found dead. His death provides the opportunity to show us his true emotions, and how his two best friends in Tokyo remember him. These two travel back to Takachi's town, Kochi, which Takachi himself had visited just prior to dying. In Kochi, all boys seem to be angels.

Angel (1999) subtitles

The mornings looked blue to be vagued over on what was before. Maybe angelic temperatures weren't all that. Just walk along and connect and wait. Troubling age of liquid streams; transporting back from film to video fuzz again and again, for a state of emotional confusion. Crying vacations. We left everything, to who once was there can only hope for the realization of importance within. And a softening wish towards the wine heart.

The story follows Yuusuke Kamoshita, who is living alone until he stumbles across a naked girl in a forest, a very energetic girl named Noelle. Noelle and her entire family proceed to move into Yuusuke's tiny home, replacing it with a huge plastic-looking castle, and disrupt his life. Shortly into the series, Yuusuke writes a note to his crush Natsumi Suzuhara apologizing for a few "incidents", in which he also exclaims that she is an angel to him. Noelle later finds the note and decides she wants to be Yuusuke's angel. Silky and her minions interfere as the series goes on.

Dr. Almada disturbs the rest of the Aztec Mummy by removing armor from its tomb. Now the mummy's curse is upon him and his fiancee. The mummy is one cool looking mummy...a shock-haired, teeth-baring, parched-skinned horror. In Spanish language, no subtitles.

Stars Maura Monti. A female wrestler called the Bat Girl, is also, by night, a masked crime-fighter with some cool electronic devices. The wrestling costume is very similar to Batman. When she's the crime-fighter, it's a bikini, a cape and mask! Pretty crazy. In Spanish, no subtitles.

This could also be titled: All Heck Breaks Loose at the Asylum. There's weird experiments with life and death (moonlighting by the hospital doctors). In Spanish with optional English subtitles. CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS.

A South-of-the-Border version of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. A vampire, werewolf, mummy, Frankenstein monster and Creature from the Black Lagoon chase a poor nut around a spooky castle. In Spanish, no subtitles.

Two young scouts out camping venture into the woods to discover monsters alive and lurking. There's also a secret tunnel that leads to a monster mountain mystery! 35mm transfer from the much lamented, quality Casanegra label. In Spanish, no subtitles.

The "A" team of Mexican super wrestlers: Santo, Blu Demon and Mil Mascaras. A mad scientist wants to rule the world and he's got an army of midgets to assist. Wild. In original Spanish with no subtitles. Spanis title: Los Campeones Justicieros.

The Angel (a masked superhero) arrives on the scene to try to stop master criminal The Bat (a.k.a. Professor Krupp), who has stumbled onto the cursed relics of the Aztec Mummy and the mummy itself. In the original Spanish language, no subtitles.

An ancient curse by a female banshee is alive and bringing death to all who travel near the castle. In Spanish, with optional English subtitles. PLUS, the English dubbed audio is selectable too! CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS.

A ghost is restless and returns to haunt a small group of young women who are in an all-girls school during break. A mysterious tower and a terrible secret. Mix of the styles of Mario Bava and Val Lewton! Mexican supernatural horror. Optional English subtitles. Really well done!


Limited, only 2,000 copies in the US. Restored from the only existing print. The evil spirit of a wronged woman. A vengeful ghost whose wail is heard just before death. Dream-like. Superb photography. A milestone in horror films from Mexico. Includes booklet and optional English subtitles.

A group of Mexican wrasslin' women take on a cult of evil women that worship cats. An ancient magic shape-shifts the coven into leopard creatures that attack local villagers. A wrestler called The Angel aids the crime-fighting wrestling women. In Spanish, no subtitles.

One of the creepiest, strange horror films of the 1930s. A trio of travelers get lost in dark woods. A stranger gives them the shelter of an old monastery. Creepy monks, a room barred by a large cross, moving objects, and living corpses. In Spanish, with English subtitles. Click image for more!

The original Mexican version in Spanish, no subtitles. The Aztec Mummy is back, lurching, creeping and shuffling his way to a frenzied killing spree. A mad doctor steals a priceless breast plate from the Mummy. The mummy rampages after it. A robot is used to try and stop the undead creature.

This is it! The Christmas movie that warped the minds of a generation! It features Santa Claus fighting a devil from Hades named "Pitch." Pitch has tried to teach the children of earth evil, but Santa Claus won't have it and is risking everything on Christmas. Original Spanish version. No subtitles.

Stars Santo and The Blue Demon. It's brain swapping time! Dr. Frankenstein wishes to revive his wife and plans to do it be restoring a good brain in her cranium. But where to find brain to experiment with? The doc's monster keeps Santo away. In Spanish, no subtitles.

Our favorite secret agent/pro wrestler, Santo heads deep into the African jungles to rescue a beautiful women. She has been captured by head hunters and there's no hope....unless Santo can get there in time! In Spanish, no subtitles.

Stars Santo. A leper colony is tricked into becoming marauding terrorists of a small town. The people stricken with fear by the horrifying riders. The sheriff puts in a call to help for Santo! In Spanish, no subtitles.

Classic of black comedy and horror! A happy go-lucky taxidermist is oppressed by his evil wife who deceives everyone in a small village, including the priest. The man in driven beyond reason and plots murder that involves his collection of human skeletons. Spanish, optional English subtitles.

A lady acquires a mummified hand....and it will grant her wishes. Her son is dead....what should she wish for? Oh, no, no, no -- don't do it! Too late. Mexican horror version of the classic story "The Monkey's Paw." In original Spanish language, no subtitles.

A rare, and quite bizarre super Mexican wrestling heroes movie. A vampire and assistants from outer space threaten Earth. Impersonation, fights and a team of pro wrestlers set out to stop this vampire menace. Co-stars Blue Demon, Jr. Spanish with English subtitles. Generic box.

One of those horrible Chinese subs we find on blue disc DVDs sometimes. This racy one is courtesy of Melvin J (Piracy is not cool!). Having said that tho, these subtitles almost wanna make us buy the movie again just to shed some new light on em.

Director Tae-yong Kim, whose past films include Memento Mori (1999) and the critically acclaimed Late Autumn (2011), Music Director Jun-Seok Bang of Korean box-office hits The Throne (2015) and Along with the Gods (2017, 2018), and the National Gugak Center have joined forces to acquaint Korean music and dance to an international audience by bridging several art forms and building a unique, heartwarming story of loss and redemption, steeped in local Korean folklore but with a universal appeal.

September 12 Run Lola Run (Germany) 81 mins.aka Lola Rennt (English subtitles)Directed by Tom TykwerWith Moritz Bleibtreu, Franka Potente, et al.Hugelypopular as an immensely entertaining escape into Berlin, this movie is stillplaying on the mainland after months of sell-out crowds. The plot is assimple as it gets: Lola (Potente) runs (without Nikes) to save herboyfriend's life. But hot new director Tykwer plays fast and free with thelinear drive, opening us up to the way the smallest incidents can alter ourdestinies. In other words, all is never quite as straight-ahead as it seems.Call it fate, fortune, luck, or simply the director's editorial choices, theplot of this film is, in every way, the real subject of our interest. True,everybody loves the punk attitude of Lola: she easily embodies the newEurope, wild and passionate, youthful and driven to get what she wants. Butthis is no study in Euro-symbolism, no way. Run Loa Runs is a clever andengaging movie that celebrates all possibilities. Just do it.

September 19 The Dreamlife of Angels (France) 113 mins.aka La Vie Rêvée des Anges (English subtitles)Directed by Erick ZoncaWith Élodie Bouchez, Natacha Régnier,Grégoire Colin, Jo Prestia, Patrick Mercado.Look, it won all the Europeanprizes, including Cannes. It boasts an amazingly fresh cast. It's wonderful.It's about Isa, a twenty-something drifter in the new Europe (see above) wholives life just as it comes -- fully, with a backpack and constantaffirmation. When things get rough, Isa just goes somewhere else. Almostaccidentally, she makes a friend in the brooding young Marie. The two ofthem forge a life of compatible rhythms from the textured bits of existence,transforming their days into amusing dates with gentle bikers, pots of tea,and aimless conversations about uncertain futures, satisfied and unsatisfiedlives. Inevitably, the rhythms change, however. Dreamlife weaves a highlywatchable tale of random passages, taking us somewhere with patience andgood grace. Bouchez, who plays the sunny-smart waif of a lead role, iscompellingly unconventionally beautiful, a powerful screen presence whopersuades us the world is as charged as it looks in her eyes.

October 17 Xiu Xiu (USA 1998) 99 mins.(English subtitles.)10th St. John's International Women's Film and Video FestivalDirected by Joan ChenWith Lu Lu, Lopsang, Jie Gao, Wenqiang, and othernames with X, Y, and Z.In honour of the 10th St. John's InternationalWomen's Film and Video Festival we bring you this moving and subversiveChinese film. While Hollywood box offices churn out an infinite number oftickets for bigger, longer, and uncut teen porn, here's a movie about afifteen-year old girl with enough hardship in her life to flatten your wok.Chen's film is set in 1975, during the heat of the Cultural Revolution. As a'sent-down' girl, the result of a widely staged policy, Xiu Xiu findsherself forcibly removed from her province to a remote rural area near Tibetwhere she is supposed to be instilled with the values of the proletariat. Aspart of the edict, she must live in a wind-beaten tent with a horse herderwho, in his own silent way, cares for her, a desperate and lonely teenager.To get out of her apparently hideous situation, Xiu Xiu is encouraged toresort to the oldest profession. This is not a love story. Shot in theforbidden zone of China, without government approval, Xiu Xiu sounds anunforgettable cry of rage against a cruel system, its omnipotent leader(Mao), and, by implication, its present-day strictures. To be sure, Chenwon't eat dim sum in that country again. But a half-hour after seeing thisfilm you won't forget it. 041b061a72


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