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Where Can I Buy Safety Cones

Traffic Cones for Less features the largest selection and best prices for all your reflective and non-reflective traffic cones, parking cones, road cones and delineator needs. We ship from four warehouses, located in New York, North Carolina, Florida and California, which allows us to offer low prices, low minimum freight free orders and fast shipments.

where can i buy safety cones


Buy from the bulk and wholesale traffic cone leader. We carry a full line of traffic cones available in all weights and sizes, including 18" 28" and 36" cones. We also carry a complete line of reflective traffic cones featuring 4" and 6" 3M brand striping as well as non-reflective parking cones, road cones and orange safety cones.

Traffic Cones for Less can also customize traffic cones for you with your logo and/or block letters on them. We also have all your traffic cone accessories, including cone signs, flags and lights. Our delineators are available with or without delineator base and with or without 3M reflective strips. Our traffic cones, delineators and traffic cone accessories are perfect for schools, hotels, government, events, valets and more.

Quality traffic cones at low wholesale prices. Choose from our popular fluorescent orange and lime green cones for road and construction use as well as assorted colored traffic cones for sports and other recreational uses. Browse our huge stock of MUTCD & NCHRP-350 compliant cones. We work directly with the best quality traffic cone manufacturers to ensure you get the lowest pricing possible. Save even more money when you order cones in bulk.

Traffic cones (also called road cones, pylons or pylon cones, safety cones or construction cones) are used to provide advance warning of safety hazards and redirect traffic. When purchasing traffic cones or other channelizers it is important to be informed of safety standards in your areas so that you are meeting the appropriate guidelines. We outline some basic guidelines below and a link to the MUTCD online manual.

Flow molded cones are made from a solid piece of PVC plastic with no visible seam. They are lighter and feel softer with a body that is more flexible. They tend to be more economical than injection-molded cones. Their lighter weight makes them easier to carry and they are stackable. They are perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Injection molded cones are the toughest, made of durable recycled plastic. They are made up of two-pieces with an interlocking base. They are typically heavier than their flow molded counterparts. Traffic Safety Warehouse's injection molded cones have different base weights to choose from and they all have extra road grip.

Traffic Safety Zone is a North American leader in the traffic safety industry with over 75 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves on delivering the best products and prices to earn your business long term. When you deal with Traffic Safety Zone you can be assured you are getting what we promise.

These traffic cones meet federal MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways) requirements that make them suitable for use on roadways. While these traffic cones meet federal MUTCD guidelines, individual states and municipalities might supplement these guidelines with additional requirements.

Self-retracting traffic cone barrier-tape belts stretch between two cones to mark off an area. Belts attach to the top of the cone without additional mounting hardware. The belt stretches and retracts as cones are moved, making it easier to adjust the barrier width.

Filter byClear AllProduct Line "Caution" Floor Cones Floor Cones Weight Rings Color Black Yellow Filter "Caution Wet Floor" Safety Cone, 25", Yellow"Caution Wet Floor" Safety Cone, 25", YellowSKU: FG627777YELSize:25.75 in36 inThe Rubbermaid Commercial Multi-Lingual Safety Cone with "Caution Wet Floor" Imprint is a highly visible hazard protection sign. Features the 'caution' sign to warn pedestrians of potential dangers.View Details > Multilingual "Wet Floor" Pop Up Floor Cone, 20", YellowMultilingual "Wet Floor" Pop Up Floor Cone, 20", YellowSKU: FG9S0000YELSize:20 in30 inCollapsible sign automatically deploys when removed from wall-mounted storage tube. Multilingual safety communication utilizes ANSI/OSHA-compliant color and graphicsView Details >Need Help? 800-347-9800 Download the eCatalogSign up for the latest news from Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

He noted that the large wooden barriers could cause hazard to automobiles that accidentally struck them. Scanlon's safety marker, granted a patent in 1943, was designed to return to an upright position when struck by a glancing blow.

Advantages of Scanlon's rubber safety markers were higher visibility, resilience when struck, ease of deployment and ability to be stacked for storage. But even some 80 years after Scanlon's patent, there was still room for improvement, especially in the area of public safety, where traffic cones are deployed to create a protected workspace for emergency personnel responding to roadway or roadside incidents.

A key shortcoming for emergency responders is the amount of room a stack of cones takes up in an already-cramped ambulance or apparatus. They also are heavy and cumbersome to deploy when you have a whole stack of them, especially because sometimes they stick together, says Carcell.

Another shortcoming with traditional rubber cones is the cost of replacement. While rubber cones can pop back upright after a glancing blow, a direct hit renders them unusable and unrepairable. Just look at any highway construction zone and you're likely to see at least one fallen, mangled cone.

"The design was actually conceived by a Florida law enforcement officer," explained David McKee, director of marketing and government relations for PSS. "He found a new way to store cones in his vehicle that would be quick to deploy as well as trunk friendly where you could actually carry them without sacrificing a lot of space."

Another design improvement (and improvement for department budgets) is that the connecting hinge and pins are replaceable components. With a simple repair kit, FirstGard can be repaired if damaged, getting cones back in service quickly while saving money for cash-strapped departments.

With so many options in the traffic cone market today, it is difficult to know if you are buying a reliable and sturdy orange traffic cone. Luckily, Discount Directionals, a leading manufacturer of traffic safety products, offers a highly visible injection molded PVC cone.

As a leading storefront, we advocate high-quality safety products for all occasions. Whether you need a reflective cone for a landscaping project, a road drum or channelizer for a new parking addition, or an all orange cone for a construction job, we have you covered. We are here to help keep you and your family safe.

5. In 1961, British engineer David Morgan is believed to have constructed the first experimental plastic traffic cones. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for largest collection of unique traffic cones, which is made up of 137 cones and includes 2/3 of all types of cones ever made.

Mr. Chain has been selling colored traffic cones for a few years now. Besides the fact that traffic cones fit clearly within our goal to provide solutions to any and all safety and crowd control challenges, we offer traffic cones in kits with our patented Cone Chain Connector (C3) and plastic chain. This is such an economical and effective way to connect traffic cones to create visual barriers.

Whatever color you decide works for your situation, Mr. Chain has the traffic cones, Cone Chain Connector, and plastic chain to accomplish your goal. If you need assistance or have any other questions, please reach out to us at or 800-324-5861.

The 3M 3840 Hi-intensity reflective cone collars complement the high quality of the revolution series DOT traffic cones. Having such a high quality reflective cone collar demonstrates the level of quality these traffic cones provide during day or night. 3M high intensity is a plasticizer resistant encapsulated reflective lens sheeting with pressure-sensitive adhesive. The 3M 3840 cone sheeting is specifically designed to reflectorize the JBC traffic cones, thus meeting the MUTCD requirements for highway and utility use. Accidents can happen at any time, day, or night. When they do reflective traffic cones are the first choice in temporary traffic systems for ensuring the safety of work crews, first responders, and other motorists. They are easy to install and pick up after the work has been completed. Moreover, these DOT traffic cones are especially useful in densely populated metropolitan areas where daytime work is too dangerous or too invasive to traffic.3M 3840 reflective cone collars have a full contact pressure-sensitive adhesive that stands up to repeated abuse even after multiple impacts at 50 mph.

Revolution series Injection-molded traffic cones are manufactured with 3M 3840 Hi-intensity reflective collars to maximize visibility at any time of the day. 3M high-intensity collar's reflectivity is achieved with the use of plasticizer resistant encapsulated lens reflecting sheeting for achieving pressure-sensitive adhesiveness. 3M 3840 cone sheeting is a specialized technique for improving the reflection of cones and meeting the standards of MUTCD.

When deciding which traffic cone you need for your application, you first should be sure of road laws regarding the traffic cone height required for the roadway speed during use. Moreover, you will need to buy cones with reflective sheeting if your application will involve using the cones at nighttime. Reflective sheeting to improve visibility, even during peak traffic hours or at night. 041b061a72


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