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At Nintendo's annual Space World show in Tokyo FIFA 23 coins, EA Sports has its first FIFA game for the GameCube on display in fully playable form. FIFA 23: Road to FIFA World Cup is a direct port of FIFA 23 for the PlayStation 2, and little has been changed when compared with the PS5 original.

The version of FIFA 23 on display at Space World is listed as 90 percent complete, but there are still several aspects of the game that need to be polished. However, the gameplay is virtually complete and is already exuding a great deal of sophistication. EA Sports has implemented a new passing system for FIFA this year that is reliant upon a meter to gauge pass velocity. Passing is performed by pressing and holding the large A button on the GameCube controller.

Thanks to the new interface, it's now easy to send the ball out ahead of your strikers so that they can sprint to it and make a charge in on goal. If you tap the pass button before the ball reaches your player, it's possible to perform one-touch passes for effective give-and-go plays. Shooting the ball is accomplished with the X button, and similar to the passing mechanics, a meter is used to control the strength of the shot. The longer you hold the shoot button, the more velocity your strikers will put on the ball. Aiming shots is extremely accurate, making it easy to choose your spot and put it in the net buy FUT 23 coins.


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